#5 Déjà Vu

Arnav stared at the twin bodies in front of him, lying in a pool of blood that had already soaked through the old, oriental Persian rug, mingling with the scarlet of the designs and making the pictures of the birds that he had been so familiar with, look horribly grotesque.

One pair of lifeless, bloodshot eyes stared at him in terror, the eyelids stretched so wide that it made bile rise up his throat. The neck was twisted at a painfully stiff angle and the jaw was condemned to remain open in an eternal, silent scream. The hair was matted with blood that was slowly drying, caking the strands into stone.

The other body was spread-eagled beside the first one. And even though it’s eyes were closed, its features were set into a tortured expression, the mouth slightly open, the tongue lolling out.

Arnav couldn’t move. He couldn’t scream. He couldn’t feel his body. There was a distinct ringing in his ears, a sensation of his brain shutting down, giving up…

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#4 Memory Lanes

That day, his sister looked like a princess straight out of a fairy tale. Bedecked with jewels of gold and diamond, her face glowed with a radiance that Khushi had never seen before. The orange lehenga that trailed behind her resembled the color of the setting sun, her choli a contrasting deep blue of the night, the shine of the velvet enchanting like the mystery of the darkness. Her translucent, long dupatta which was pinned against her chest was a blend of both the orange and the blue and her fair, delicate waist was visible through the fabric. Her eyes glowed with joy, her lips stretched in a permanent smile….

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#3 Of Raging Passions

“What rubbish is this?” Arnav said in a dangerously low tone as he looked at the design chart spread on the glass top of his work table. Completely still, his fingers laced together and his elbows resting on the supports of his revolving armchair, his face was a mask hiding the fury that was making him practically vibrate. He could almost see red spots in front of his eyes and his head felt hot with anger…

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#2 The Other Side Of The Mirror

She was screaming. And even in her dream, she knew she needed to stop.

But she had to reach him and they wouldn’t listen to her, he wouldn’t listen to her unless she screamed at the top of her lungs. Her heart was sinking in her chest as the boy became smaller and smaller at the end of the dark tunnel, the distance between them ever-growing. Her bloodcurdling screams drowned all other noise and she flailed around in her sleep.

Her chest was rapidly tightening with anxiety. Chills were running down her spine and she couldn’t breathe. Her wrist was being gripped sharply and try as she did, she couldn’t wrench it out of the grasp….

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#1 The Girl In The Mirror

There was a girl in his mother’s private parlour.

Seated on the old, antique carpet with her legs tucked under herself, she seemed to fit perfectly into the picture. And Arnav stared at her with widened eyes, startled by her presence and captivated by her persona. 

Surrounded by ornate armchairs and cushioned footstools in varying shades of orange, red and shiny brown with freshly polished wooden edges, she complemented the traditional Indian feel of the room in her own little outfit of red chudidar leggings and white kurti, complete with a fluttery red dupatta….

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